Our Rainy/Sunny Day

Lately, San Diego has been bipolar. We’ve had constant rain storms coming through, followed by bright sun, followed by more storms. It’s been beautiful.

As a Wisconsin girl, I love the changing seasons and dynamic weather. San Diego is mostly Summer, with some cloudy days sprinkled here and there. On rare occasions, like this week, we get rain.

Rain is a novelty to the boys. The moment it starts, Michael runs to the window or the front door and frantically tells me that it’s raining outside. Aaron, seeing how exciting this is, gets crazy along with big brother. I’ve had countless moments where I find both boys face-planted against the screen door, hands up, motionless.

Last week was also tough on us because of being sick. But today, since we were all healthy and itching to get out of the house, I decided that it would be fun for us all to go out and play in the rain. I mean, it had been a while since I practiced taking photos, so I had my fun, too.

As you can see, the day turned to quite sunny outside. I found myself constantly trying different settings. I stick to manual mode, but as soon as I figured out the right settings for good pictures, the sun comes out and I have to do it all over again! But I love it. I love diving into something new like this, without learning ahead of time, so I can learn as I go — a little frantically.

Until next time!

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