Belated National Chocolate Cake Day

The special day was Friday. Thanks to Facebook’s “On This Day” feature, I was reminded right away in the morning. I gave myself ample time to choose a cake for celebration.

The recipe is from The Baker Chick, although I did not use coffee (kids would be eating it and I wasn’t sure what a little bit of caffeine would do to them!). I also had to use a different chocolate icing, which actually did not work the way I wanted it to. I used this frosting recipe from Hershey’s, and just added more milk to make it more runny. It tasted great, but I think I needed an actual chocolate icing to make it work.

But it’s chocolate.

The molten lava part did not work, however. It probably was in the oven a tad too long. But if the pieces are heated up in the microwave, it gets all gooey inside again, and it’s delicious!

This is definitely a National Day I can get behind…

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