The Reset Button

Mommy needed a reset.

This week started off with panic and a lot stress. Monday was a really rough day for my anxiety, and then Tuesday cleared up. I decided to forget responsibilities and head to beach — because what better way to breathe than by sitting by the ocean?

As I sat there soaking in the sun (and getting sunburned), I was able to recognize that my boys were learning so much on our little outing. They loved to explore, especially Michael. He climbed the sand with a long bamboo stick he found.. We found some Sand Dollars and pretty shells, and watched the seagulls steal our bag of grapes (apparently they are smart enough to take a closed bag).

I hope that the boys will continue to enjoy this just as much as I do. And I hope we can make the most of it before our time here is up!

Disclaimer: I did do work on Tuesday. I did 3-4 loads of laundry, put food in the crockpot, and we picked up the living room. So, not a total loss.

I love these boys so much. They do fight, whine, and fool around but they are really good buddies. I love capturing their moments, and I took many pictures. It’s always hard to pick and choose, but these are my favorites!

And now, on towards the rest of the week of tasks, projects, and appointments.

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