Birthday Celebration — Mine!

Yesterday, at 9:59pm, I turned 27. Yes, I’m young. Honestly, I do feel young. I am always excited to be turning a year older, like a kid always waiting to be older. My body has started to inform me that I’m not as young and regenerative as I used to be, but I’m still a spring chicken!

Last year my husband was on deployment, so birthday celebrations were missing a key special person. This year I told him I really wanted a special birthday. I didn’t want to be left alone, I didn’t want a store-bought cake, and I wanted a nice birthday meal. He was on duty Friday into Sunday, so fitting in birthday fun was tricky!

(For those who do not know, having duty means that he was on the ship overnight; and in this case, two nights.)

When he came home Sunday morning, I tried figuring out if he had any plans yet. Apparently the only plan so far was an errand for work, which had to be done that day. So, after church, we decided to go to Outback steakhouse for my special meal, and then ran to Costco for his work.

We then spent a lot of time in the car trying to decide where to go next. Since we didn’t know when he’d be home on Monday, we were celebrating early. After a mini fit from me (calling it as it is!), he decided to find some Hidden Spots of San Diego.

Harper’s Topiary Garden was a let down. As soon as we drove up the steep hill Adam’s first words were, “That’s it?” Yes, apparently it is. Snap a picture and move on. We didn’t even drag out the DSLR for this one!

The bridge was fun, though scary for me. Aaron wanted to run and not be “handled”, but the ropes were not “little kids” friendly. I sternly told Michael that if he fools around he will fall down. He listened, but I really expected him to be nervous. He’s my cautious one, but not enough for Momma’s heart here!

The beach was going to be a perfect way to end the day. The fog had rolled in and it was just a perfect hidden beach access. The reviews for it said it was kid friendly, but apparently not for our littles. We were all in sandals and Aaron was done with being held. So, I hugged Adam and told him we will come back to this for sure. Because it just felt perfect.

We finished Sunday with frozen yogurt, getting everyone’s sugar levels back up. Waaaaaay back up.

Monday, my actual birthday, was so stress free it took me by surprise. I had my regular physical therapy, and then we baked a green velvet cake. (My wonderful 4-year-old wanted me to have green because it’s my favorite color, AND because it would make our poop turn green.) We then joined one of our friends who shares a birthday in their neighborhood pool. Once Adam got home from work he took Michael to shop for my gifts (this goes back to how he ran out of time this weekend), and ended up grabbing a pizza for dinner. Yay for no cooking!

Spending time with my little family last night was so nice, it’s difficult to explain. Christmas changed for us when we had kids, and birthdays have now, too. Michael’s excitement about the gifts was so great that he let one slip while I was unwrapping it. I loved the specialness of the day, and I soaked up Michael’s love.

Of course, ultimately, it all led up to the candles and the cake — because what’s more awesome than fire and frosting?

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