About Me

I grew up in the countryside, just outside of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Being the youngest of three, and the only girl, I dreamed often of life beyond the loving home I grew up in. I always knew that I would travel and explore the world, but how and when were the important unknowns. When I turned 20, I married Adam, a Sailor in the Navy, and moved to Hampton, Virginia.

There, I slowly explored the new world around me. We made many friends and enjoyed the beaches and parks in Hampton Roads (seven cities combined). We made several trips to Washington, DC, and made some day trips to other parts of Virginia.

A few years later, Adam received orders for San Diego, California. Our family of two had grown to three, and we flew across the country to begin the new tour of duty. San Diego offers much to explore and enjoy, and though we’ve been here three years already, we will need the next three to continue our exploration.

Since my teen years, I have been writing — stories, novels, character sketches, etc. What started as a hobby quickly turned into serious fiction writing. I wish I could say I have some works published by now, but life had been blossoming all around me. Time became very precious, especially with the additions of our two energetic boys.

This blog began as a dumping ground of blog posts specifically for my writing. This year I have broadened my horizons and drastically expanded the site. From writing to photography to parenting — it’s all in here. The title of “A Sojourner’s Heart” is based on three different ideas: one, that we Christians are mere sojourners in this world; two, I am a wandering soul; and three, being a military family, our home is always on the move. I hope you enjoy reading these “glimpses” into our life as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them!

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