Meet the Ross’



Christmas Eve at Plaza Bonita Mall

We were married on September 4th, 2010. We welcomed Michael in December of 2012, and Aaron in December of 2015. Yes, two birthdays in December! In case you’re wondering, our birthdays are both in June, so we get 6 months to recover financially.

Adam is an Electronics Technician in the United States Navy, and is really a jack-of-all-trades. Before we moved to San Diego we began remodeling our home in Hampton, and he proved just how skilled he is at more than the ET work. He reads manuals for fun, is a Trek geek (not the action figure kind, but the know-it-all kind), and is an amazing husband and father. To me, he’s the best of the best, and I love him like crazy.

Michael is an independent, sweet, full of attitude, sneaky, helpful, sponge, chemist in the making 4 year old. I’m waiting for the gray hairs! We are in our first very relaxed year of preschooling at home, and he loves doing his “school” and “papers”. He loves going outside or going “somewhere”. I’m amazed at his growth and learning — he is my wonderful firstborn!

Aaron is a very passionate baby toddler. From before he was born, he was doing things his way or no way (preterm contractions for entire third trimester leading up to being late and being induced — seriously??). His first year has been a major challenge, physically and emotionally, but such a joy, too. I absolutely enjoy watching him learn and develop — he is very serious about it all. Year two will be an adventure with him, for sure!