Welcome to my novel page!

I began writing when I was around twelve years old. One of my very good friends was writing a novel for her senior year of high school (we were both homeschooled). When I read her first chapters, it dawned on me that anyone could start to write, at any time. I decided to give it a shot, to see how well I could write and if it was more fun than the school writing projects I was required to do. I had a very simple idea and tried writing out a few scenes, but it wasn’t until I was seriously listening to a Michael W. Smith album that my first story unfolded in my head.

From that moment on, writing became essential. Yes, it was a way of escape to brand new worlds, but it was also very exhausting and difficult. Writing takes time, but it also takes a lot of emotional energy. There were many days when my mom would call me down for lunch or dinner and I would feel too sick to eat. I became so involved in my stories, making them as real as possible. I had to feel them, and if I couldn’t, it was considered poor writing.

After I graduated high school, I enrolled into a novel-writing course at Winghill Writing School.  I was paired with an exceptional tutor who encouraged me to keep pushing forward, to edit my work ruthlessly, but to also continue my love for writing. I value all that I learned in that course, and I even made a wonderful friend through the forums!

Getting married and then starting our family has slowed down my work significantly. I hope that soon I can get back into it as the boys grow older. Until then, little snippets here and there will have to do!

Whatever I come up with and want to share, you will find them on the blog. Obviously, titles and names are subject to change. Enjoy!

For summaries of my unpublished work, click here.

To read my short stories in PDF, click here.

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