NaNoWriMo 2009

No Title

My first story for NaNoWriMo, and what is so far the only one that was not finished. At day one I had no idea where to start, or what kind of story I wanted to write. There was only one direction I was sure of, and that was that it had to be Medieval. That genre was the easiest for me, and I felt that I had a chance. However, being so completely unprepared (and going from WI to VA to visit my husband before we were married), I had a recipe for disaster.

The story begins with a man, who was given the name Lucas before I had even chosen his personality. He was hunted by his brother, for no reason, really (another reason why the story failed). He crossed the boundaries of his homeland and encountered a whole new people who, though somehow untarnished by the evils of the lands around them, are quite aware of outside affairs. Lucas quickly befriends the new people and joins their civilization. When I ran out of good ideas and began the worst progression of a story ever, I left Lucas and his friends going to war with his brother. For no real good reason.

My plan for this story is to bury it, or maybe use it as kindling for a fire.